Mulan – The Spiritual Wellness Spirit Animal

Hey Sunshine, 

I was having a conversation recently with a group of coworkers about religion & politics. As a black woman, sometimes it can be extremely difficult for me to have conversations like this because in the past it has completely drained me to the point where it takes days for me to recover. Both are currently hot topics in 2018, so I was extremely surprised at how civil the conversation was, even when we disagreed with one another. The smoothness of the conversation reminded me of one of the most important components of our wellness; our spiritual wellness.  

In the previous post, I referred to spiritual wellness as a moral compass. A moral compass is used in reference to one’s ability to choose right from wrong in the decision-making process. Think of it as the good angel who sits on your shoulder helping to guide the conscious. Typically, we get these values and morals from our family, community, and culture, however, it’s not uncommon to steer away from the values your parents may have. Let’s use the classic Disney movie, Mulan, as an example. Mulan comes from an extremely honored family and she has beliefs and traditions adapted from her family’s Chinese culture and religion. It is clear that she does not necessarily have the same values as her parents, who in the beginning, pressure her bring honor to the family by going to the matchmaker to find a husband. Although she tries her best, it’s clear that her heart and soul aren’t fully aligned with what her family expects of her. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, (shame on you) I won’t spoil it, but it is amazing seeing the transformation Mulan goes thru as her spiritual wellness guides her to her destiny.

Keeping a healthy and progressive spiritual wellness is simple. The point is to be comfortable exploring your own thoughts and beliefs – even if it doesn’t align with what your family thinks. Having an opinion on things like religion and politics, not just the ones passed down to you from your family and friends, is so important to who you and where you are going. Your spiritual wellness is bound to improve if you take the time to dig deeper look into the meaning of life and who you are. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but luckily for you, I am going to share with you my beginning steps on how I strengthened my spiritual wellness.

Here are a few basic tips to having better spiritual wellness: 

  1. Find a wellness sanctuary and use it as a safe place for you to grow your wellness. You need a safe space to process your emotions and thoughts. Maybe your sanctuary is your car on the way to work, or maybe it is a quiet place at home in the morning before anyone else wakes. Find a space safe enough for growth.  
  2. Read more. (And not just what is shared on Facebook.) The more you read the more you will know.
  3. Respect your beliefs as well as the beliefs of others. 
  4. Stop and take a breath! Meditate! Do Yoga! Balance yourself. 
  5. Search for you purpose in life. Find out what makes you whole, then pursue it!  

Pouring into your spiritual wellness has so many benefits. It’s imperative that you develop a stronger sense of who you are spiritually and what you believe. Start here and you’re journey will thank you for it! 

Until next time,


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