Believe in something.


Before I begin, I want to remind you of something I touched on in my first post. The beauty of being unique individuals is that we are intelligent enough to form our own opinion and create our own values. As you read, know that my thoughts are a product of wellness activities I’ve used to strengthen my core beliefs and values. It is so important to know what you stand for. Sometimes we can be so unique that we are polar opposites from one another. Reasonable people may disagree with what I believe and that is okay because my journey may look different from your journey. Thank you in advance for respecting my wellness.

Moving on…

In the beginning, my wellness was fed strictly thru literature. I read, studied, and asked questions to try and gain an understanding of what exactly wellness was and why it was so important. Before #BeeWell transitioned into a movement promoting better wellness, it was really just my way of saying I was going to take necessary steps to find out who I really and what I need to do to care for myself. As a person of color and an avid football fan, I couldn’t help but keep up with Colin Kaepernick, the NFL Quarterback who opted to take a knee during the United States National Anthem before the start of an NFL game in 2016. Kaepernick peacefully protested against the racial injustices in the United States and in return was left jobless. Today, Nike retweeted this photo posted by Kaepernick with the caption “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. #JustDoIt”. After quick research I found out that Nike is celebrating year 30 of the Just Do It campaign, and Colin Kaepernick (who apparently has secretly been on Nike’s payroll since the beginning of the drama) has been signed to be the new face of the company. Alongside him also is Serena Williams, world renown tennis player, who also was recently called out by French Open President Bernard Giudicelli for her “figure hugging black suit”.

This. Is. Big. And if I’m being honest, this appealed to several different sections of my wellness. Last year, in an effort to #BeeWell, I feed my wellness by reading and learning so that I could formulate my own opinions on several current and relevant topics. I felt it was important to my spiritual wellness in particular, that I knew where I stood with religion, the political atmosphere, the BLM movement and everything else in between. I won’t go into detail about what I believe (DM me though), but I’ll say this: My journey to better wellness has called me to use my platform. The message “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything” is priceless. Just from a marketing perspective alone, this is an inspiring move by Nike. Add the face of a strong message behind the quote and you have a bold movement. History has taught us (if you’ve been watching) that favors the bold. 

The last few days has been rough for me. Although the response to the launch of #BeeWell was supportive and overwhelming in the most positive way, it is still hard to share with the world. I went back on word and neglected to post the content I had created for last Friday mostly due to fear. I’ve hid from this for a long time even though I’ve felt this nagging void calling me to step into my truth by standing for what I believe in even if it means I have to sacrifice everything, including my fear of opening up. Colin Kaepernick made a grave sacrifice for the likeness of himself and others. This message is so relatable to me because I, too, have to make a sacrifice for the betterment of myself and whoever may be watching.

Some people may not see Colin Kaepernick as courageous. Whether you agree with his point or not, the fact is that he used the platform he was given because he knew that bringing focus to a problem in a non-violent and peaceful way was the only option he had to spark a conversation of change. Salute to Nike for the bold statement. Thank you Colin. Thank you for reminding me that my wellness deserves the same sacrifice. And salute to those reading for following me on my journey. The next time fear or anxiety overcomes me, I will remind myself of the same advice Nike’s been giving us since 1988. Just Do It. 


[Just] #BeeWell


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