6 Weeks of Wynter

My daughter, Wynter, was born on May the third of this year. I cannot believe that she is 6 weeks old. She was born 19 days before her due date, and I’m grateful that we had zero complications during labor and delivery. Those who have read my previous posts know that I suffered with prenatal depression during my pregnancy. For the sake of my condition, her early birth was truly a blessing in disguise. I did not have time to panic and google every possible negative scenario my lingering depression and I could think of.

It was important to me that I document my feelings during these first few weeks. I never wanted to forget what we did, what my thoughts were, and how I was adapting. Every few days I would do a quick self wellness check-in by jotting down my feelings, important milestones she’s made, and anything else I felt was necessary to remember about her early weeks. I have learned so much and could probably write a novel about how quickly things change, but I’ll spare you.

Here are the three most important things I’ve learned over the last 6 weeks:

1. Keep your pediatricians number on speed dial. Every single time Wynter looked a little different or did something that I felt was unusual, I called her doctors office immediately. I reached out to another mom around week 2 when I felt Wynter was having trouble feeding and her first response was “Call her doctors office”. This super mom told me that most pediatric doctors have a team of nurses working to answer any questions that may pop up even after hours. I was delightfully surprised when I learned how right she was and how accommodating Wynter’s doctor was. On average, I’ve called that office twice a week with random questions. I probably could have googled most things I was curious about, but hearing responses straight from her doctor or the pediatric team made me feel at ease.

2. Follow a schedule. The assumption that we should follow whatever schedule the newborn naturally sets is old and tired. After all, they just got here! Why should you, a human who’s been functioning under the notion that 2am is prime sleep time, bend to the will of someone who knows no better. Getting a newborn on a schedule sucks for the first few days, but it’s truly worth it.

3. Read up on what to changes to expect in your baby. By the time a healthy baby is 1 they will have tripled in size. There is so much that your baby observes and absorbs during that first year. Just when they get used to one thing, their whole world changes simply due to them developing and growing. Some stuff may be really difficult for them to adjust to and could cause unusual mood swings. Stay prepared and informed, you will thank yourself for it later.

Bonus. Get your newborn accommodated to your lifestyle not the other way around. This isn’t really something I learned, I truly just got blessed with a kid who can sleep thru a world war. But for those coming behind me, I suggest that you keep the TV on, run the vacuum, talk on the phone, etc. It was imperative to me that Wynter can sleep in any environment.

I don’t know everything, but I am learning. Wynter is my whole heart. She’s the sunshine on my cloudiest day. I have never loved anything more. God truly outdid himself. I cannot wait to see what happen the next 6 weeks brings!

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