And I haven’t, since.

Hi friends, welcome to my website! I never was the “go check out my blog” type of girl, but this is too important not to share.

Some may already be aware that I finished undergrad in 2017, but many people are shocked to find out that I studied Exercise Science. Most of my classmates used the degree as a path to a masters degree in physical therapy. At one point, I was on that same course as well, but I became obsessed over one course I took my junior year – Wellness with Dr. B.

When you first hear the word wellness, most will think only of the physical state of being well when it is so much deeper than that. Your wellness is a multi-dimensional structure that encompasses health of your total mind, body, and spirit. It’s often broken down and described differently, but all in all it comes down to just really focusing on elevating yourself for the betterment of your health.

I think this class really affected me because after taking a good hard look inside, I realized how damaged I was and how I was neglecting my wellness. I was depressed. I gained (and lost and gained again) a crazy amount of weight. I completely ignoring all spiritual traditions and customers I once had. I ignored all financial responsibilities. The list goes on. There was a time period where for three consecutive years I was in school year-round fall summer spring and winter. Three. Years. Killing myself slowly and telling myself it was all a part of the growing pains. I knew I wasn’t taking care of my wellness and the deeper I got into my studies, the clearer my obliviousness became. It was one of the most painful and draining experiences of my life.  I sat on the information I learned for MONTHS. I don’t know if it was because I was scared of the changes that needed to occur or if I was embarrassed that I had allowed myself to drown. One day I told myself that this way of living was insane. I decided to plan to change.

That was in February of 2016. What I’ve realized is that I wasn’t going to meet any of the goals I set for myself if I didn’t start with by embracing my wellness as an actively changing and developing part of my life. I told myself that I would be a life long learner for the betterment of a stronger body, a stronger mind, and a stronger soul.  I could not live another day stagnant – and I haven’t, since.

I now believe that on the most simplistic level, wellness is broken down into 6 dimensions. Mental wellness, physical wellness, cultural wellness, social wellness, spiritual wellness, and financial wellness all make up an individual’s overall health. #BeeWell is a product of my journey to inspire a shift in how we look at wellness. My journey to better wellness may be very different from yours. There is no cookie cutter answer. But if my journey can kickstart someone else’s, then I am satisfied.



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  1. Interesting. I agree with you on the wellness.

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